Horseback Riding Getaway!

For a memorable trip to Upstate New York, stay with us at the Inn and saddle up for an unforgettable ride! The ideal way to observe our beautiful area is to go horseback riding Catskills style! Whether you go to Bridle Hill Farm or Rolling Stone Ranch, you’ll be blown away by how peaceful, and lovely New York can be!

Bridle Hill Farm

Explore the Catskill area in all its summer glory at Bridle Hill Farm. They offer trail rides for all ages in both English and Western riding styles. Make it a family excursion or book a private trail for a romantic ride through the Catskill area. In addition to trail riding, the farm offers indoor and outdoor horseback riding lessons. The family-owned farm is known for its friendly staff and well-trained horses. The owners, Daniel and Elinor, dreamed of this farm for years! After visiting Bridle Hill Farm, you’ll not only experience their dream-come-true farm, but you will have discovered a whole new side of New York!

Rolling Stone Ranch

For another horseback riding Catskills trip, check out Rolling Stone Ranch in Bethel. They offer private riding lessons and one-hour trail rides. Rolling Stone Ranch is also a family-owned farm. The owners were looking for a getaway place from the stress of a work week in New York City. When they found this ranch nestled in the Catskill mountains, they knew they had found their home. Ease into relaxation while riding through the hills and trees, miles away from the busyness of New York City.

Join us for a one-of-a-kind horseback riding Catskills adventure! Whether you choose Bridle Hill Farm or Rolling Stone Ranch, or both, you’ll find that New York looks best from the back of a horse! Staying at our historic Inn will complete your scenic and peaceful stay in New York!