Taking In The Scenery Around Lake Resorts in NY

Book your stay in our beautiful Inn at Lake Joseph, and enjoy our lake resorts in NY, surrounded by the beautiful nature of our Catskills area!

Scenic Drive

Whether you’re looking to see a beautiful mountain sunset or colorful fall foliage, you’ll find there’s nothing like a scenic drive in the Catskills. From charming towns, and sprawling farms, to the Upstate New York’s breathtaking vistas! A local favorite drive is the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, and this 70-mile road follows the Delaware River, connecting many quaint villages. The variety of shops, museums, and restaurants make for fun stops along the way. The scenery along this road is stunning, but please do keep in mind that sections of the road are shared with cyclists so keep an eye out for them. Another popular highway is the Quickway, which features spectacular fall colors as you make your way into Sullivan County. All roads lead to beautiful drives around our unique Inn, a diamond amongst many other lake resorts in NY!


Want to have the best experience exploring the unique trail system around our lake resorts in NY? First, you’ll need to choose your type of scenery you want to see! Once you’ve picked a view for the day, follow any of the trails that’ll take you there. Some trails lead to Mullet Falls, while others go to Neversink River or head to High Falls. Another popular trail is near the Basha Kill Wildlife Refuge, where you’ll spot ducks and a variety of bird species. There, you’ll find a different trail that goes through the refuge, leading you into the center of Basha Kill. This idyllic walking trail goes across the whole canal! Lastly, Tusten Mountain’s 500 feet elevation, makes it a more strenuous hike with beautiful natural surroundings! Our helpful team will take care of all your needs, with our outstanding amenities at the coziest lake resorts in NY!

The Lake

Lake Joseph is more than a beautiful backdrop for our Inn! It also provides a variety of recreational activities different from other lake resorts in NY! Between our complimentary kayaks and boats and our inviting open water, you’ll lose track of time out on the lake! Spend your afternoons fishing or swimming in the lake or pack a picnic and enjoy the serene lake shores.