Spring Conference Planning Tips

Are you planning a business conference this spring? Well, you are in luck! The Inn at Lake Joseph hosts a variety of events, from smaller meetings or discussions to business conferences, or even just a small group retreat. With our unique set-up, you will have the entire Inn to yourselves, making this the perfect location to get right down to business. And, since we know how challenging event planning can be, we provided a few tips we hope will make the process easier.

Set Goals

Such as in life, it is always good to have goals. Be sure to have a clear goal in mind for what you want out of your conference or meeting. Think about, why are we having this event? What is the purpose? Determining your goal will help guide you into the rest of the planning details.

Make a Budget

We all know how expenses can add up quickly, so setting a budget is critical when planning your event. Be sure to understand what it will cost per person and what possible unexpected costs might occur.

Plan the Date

Events big or small should always be planned well in advance, most suggest up to a year out, to make sure everyone is able to attend and that there is enough time to prepare every detail. Also take into consideration for the time of year or critical business dates, as a few guidelines for when you want to host your event.

Pick your Venue

Just as when you buy a house, location is key. The venue can be the most important aspect of planning an event. Once you have an idea of size, finding the right venue to house all your attendees comfortably is one of the most important parts of the planning process. Here at Inn at Lake Joseph, we offer an enclosed veranda that seats up to 30 people comfortably, along with a few other smaller options. Plus, you will always find snacks and refreshments available to you during your event.

Develop an Agenda

Once you have picked your date and venue, clearly define an agenda. Be specific as you can be and be sure to circulate the agenda to the appropriate parties ahead of time, so everyone understands what to expect.

Publicize the Event

Even if this is an internal event it is always necessary to announce the event and make sure everyone is aware of what is happening. Get attendees excited about the upcoming event and let them know how they will benefit, even if attendance is mandatory.

Expect the Unexpected

Everyone knows when planning any sort of event, there is always something that can and does go wrong. Plan and be prepared for unexpected issues. Of course, the Inn at Lake Joseph is here to help with whatever you might need when dealing with the unexpected.

Use these helpful tips and request more info about hosting your next small conference at Inn at Lake Joseph. Let us help make your event the best it can be.