Winter at the wineries

Nov 22nd 2017

Get in the holiday spirit with a delicious spirit from our Upstate New York wineries! With the Wreath Fineries at the Wineries event happening this month and in December, we decided to ask the wine experts on the Shawangunk Wine Trail for tasting recommendations for this winter. We were lucky to speak with Marc at Adair Vineyards for some insight into this great event and some helpful tips for attending tastings and gifting wine for the holidays!

How long has Adair Vineyards been participating in the Wreath Fineries event?

Adair Vineyards has been involved in this festive event since its inaugural event in 1997.

What’s a must-try at Adair Vineyards?

All of our wines are from estate and local grapes and all the fruit used is from local orchards. We produce a line of Kir’s. These are white or red wine blended with a fruit wine. Our Kir’s are definitely a must-try. We have Blackberry Kir and Black Currant Kir available at this time. However, we also have Peachberry Kir, Elderberry Kir, Nectarine and Peach Kirs at other times during the year.

What bottle would you recommend as a gift for the holiday season? 

Any of the kir’s would make a nice gift when going to a holiday party.

What advice would you give to a first-timer on a tasting or tour? 

Our advice is to be open minded about wine.  Try all wines, even if you think you may not like them, as you may actually like them. 

Is there a particular wine you’d recommend as a good option for winter?

As most people tend to prefer reds in the winter, our Black Currant Kir would be a nice wine.  Or another option would be our Mountain Red.  Our Mountain Red can also be used with a mulling spice pack to make a delicious hot mulled wine, perfect for the chilly winter evenings.

Besides Adair, what’s another great winery to visit along the Shawangunk Wine Trail? 

As each of the member wineries of the wine trail is unique, each winery should be visited.

Like Marc said, all of the wineries are unique and should be visited and the Wreath Fineries at the Wineries event is a great way to visit them! You must buy tickets in advance (you can purchase them online) and we definitely recommend starting at Adair!

This event is held annually if you can’t make it this holiday season or you could always plan to visit the wineries along the trail on your own time with the Hudson Valley Wine Tasting Passport 2018!

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