Meetings & Events at Inn At Lake Joseph


Set in the Sullivan County Catskills just two hours upstate of New York City, the Inn at Lake Joseph is an ideal setting for conferences, meetings, corporate events, or for team building during your Upstate New York retreat. Unlike larger hotels, your group will have our facility all to itself. The estate, mansion, grounds, and lake and recreational facilities are yours exclusively for your entire stay. We tailor meals, housekeeping, and other services around your group’s schedule. You’ll be provided with a projector screen (we do not have a projector), internet access and telephone services. With our meeting spaces, we offer four layout options for your business’ event:

Enclosed veranda

Island Seating

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For conferences, meetings, and other corporate events, the Inn at Lake Joseph offers a fantastic facility with the equipment you need to run an efficient meeting. With resort-style amenities and activities your participants can take advantage of during breaks, you’ll see why we’re a premier destination for Upstate NY weekend getaways and meetings alike.

With the island seating chart you’ll easily encourage your attendees to participate or have lively discussions with everyone facing inward. This style is very similar to the U-shape but closed in on all sides. This seating option is ideal for discussion-based meetings and brainstorming versus having a central focal point.

Don’t forget to make use of our breakout rooms or living room space for additional open conversations or to keep your participants fed with snacks during breaks or by visiting the snack bar.

Island seating floor plan

U-Shaped Seating

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The Inn at Lake Joseph is happy to welcome groups for corporate events or families planning their New York State getaways. For meetings, our event space can be transformed to fit your needs:  we offer four popular seating options and one of those is the U-shape.

The U-shape is a good compromise for meetings that start with a central focus, like a presentation, and wrap up with interactive discussions. The shape allows for a focal point near the front of the room and the speaker can engage with the audience easily. This shape is preferable for smaller meetings as seating capacity can be reduced easily.

U-shaped seating floor plan

Standard Seating

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Guide your group to new heights with refreshing corporate getaways in Upstate NY. Whether for a corporate retreat or family gathering, the spaces in our main building are the perfect spot to get together.

The standard seating layout is reminiscent of a traditional conference room where attendees are seated around a table, facing each other. This arrangement is a great option for smaller group discussions, brainstorming, or a working lunch.

Standard seating floor plan

Classroom Seating

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The Inn at Lake Joseph is happy to serve as a premier location for corporate retreats in New York. Spaces in our main building are perfect for group gatherings and presentation-style meetings. The classroom seating chart is an ideal choice for lectures, presentations, or individual speakers with tables and chairs facing one central point at the front of the room.

A classroom setup helps keep your employees or attendees focused on the speaker or lecturer and it is a familiar setup for most participants. This format is also beneficial for Q&A sessions with the speaker rather than interactive sessions between participants.

Your participants will have access to the snack bar and breakout rooms should you need them.

Classroom seating floor plan

Our enclosed veranda provides 684 sq. ft. of space and seats 30 comfortably. The veranda is enclosed on three sides with 7-ft. sliding thermos-glass panels that can be opened during the summer and closed in the winter to offer an unobstructed view of a delightful landscape.

For smaller discussions or meetings, you may make use of the dining room, at 332 sq. ft., for breakout groups.  The room is outfitted with a dining table that seats 10 and window seats for additional team members. The dining room can also be used for buffet presentations and break time snacks and beverages.

Another option for meeting space is our 300 sq. ft. living room that seats about 10 people in a casual setting. The room is comfortable and open and a great choice when privacy is not a top concern. The room includes a seating area around the fireplace, a 12-ft. upholstered window seat and bay windows.

Snacks are available during breaks in the dining room or can easily be retrieved from the snack bar. The snack bar is stocked with cold cuts, salads, soft drinks, coffees, pastries, and more and available 24 hours a day.

Request information or call us directly at (845) 791-9506 to determine if our facility would be appropriate for your gathering, for more information, and group rates.


There is no doubt that this inn is the definitive small meeting venue within three hours of New York City.

We liked the idea of having the entire inn to ourselves. For the first time, we didn’t feel like small fish in a big pond.

The rooms were comfortable, the food was good, the facilities were fun and our meeting was a success!