Time Flies!

Oct 29th 2011

459948433Time flies so fast–I can’t believe I wrote the last post almost 2 months ago!  At the time, I was looking forward to our fall season, and today we’re “enjoying” the October snow storm that suddenly hit this area.  I hear Eric shoveling our walks outside as I write.  Of course, we’re expecting much nicer, sunny weather for the next few weeks, so come and visit us if you want to enjoy a little more fall.

I told you I’d let you know how the Elton John concert went–it was great.  He’s quite a showman–very warm and connected to his audience.  I was impressed that he spent quite a bit of time at the end of the concert, before his final number, signing autographs for audience members who went up to the edge of the stage.  As many of you may know, the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts pavillion holds about 4500 people under the roof, and about 10,000 on the lawn; and I think it was just about full.  The website will tell you what events are scheduled for the rest of the season–several concerts are planned in the Event Gallery, which is a beautiful indoor performance space.

I also mentioned wanting to attend one of the Saturday night suppers put on by Early Bird Cookery, and we did get to the last one of the season, held last week.  It was lots of fun–about 75 people were treated to a dinner of fresh, local foods, deliciously prepared and attractively served.  I also learned that the singular of ‘ravioli’ is ‘raviolo’–did you know that?  We had a large ‘raviolo’ stuffed with butternut squash and dressed with a sage butter sauce that was outstanding.  I could have made the whole meal on those, but the roast duck accompanied by roasted root veggies that followed was not too shabby, either!

As for future events, we’re signed up to attend “Wreath Fineries at the Wineries”, put on by the Hudson Valley Shawangunk Wine Trail  .  This fun day involves starting a tour at one of the wineries on the Trail, where we’ll receive a complementary glass for tasting, a wreath and an ornament to decorate the wreath.  Then at each winery we visit, we’ll pick up another ornament to add to our wreath (and continue tasting, of course).  There are 3 of us going, with one of us as the designated driver–I won’t tell you which one of us that is!

The Dancing Cat Saloon is maintaining its high standards of entertainment going into the winter season.  Visit their website to see their event calendar.  Stacy Cohen, one of the proprietors, does her “Stacy & Friends” thing Thursday nights, and they’ve got a good line-up of performers on the weekends well in to next year.  And, their Catskill Distilling Company is available for parties, or for tours and tasting, as well.

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